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Substance Use and Recovery Research

West Virginia University is actively working on the substance use issue in our state. West Virginia researchers are working hard to create remedies to address the current challenges to lessen the impact of substance use. We are finding solutions to help the people of our state and beyond!

Research Projects

Looking for addiction Help?

This website contains information about our research into combating substance use and recovery in West Virginia.

If you are in search of addiction or recovery help, please visit our Find Services page for links to services and programs offered by West Virginia University.

Working to remove the effects of substance use in West Virginia

Our People and Efforts

A vial next to a dime (for scale) of non-opioid micropellet implants for chronic pain.

Research Projects

WVU's research projects span many years with a wide range of topics. Check out our current research projects.


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Substance Use and Recovery Researchers

Our researchers help West Virginia combat drug use and recovery. We have compiled a comprehensive guide of those researchers.

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Latest News

The most current news articles regarding substance use and recovery research at WVU.

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